We proudly serve the Korean oil & gas industry with cutting-edge technology from Europe and US. Our advanced solutions have applications in refineries, petrochemical, chemical industries, as well as public utilities.

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Oil & Gas Valves

For every medium, pressure and operating conditions, we have the perfect valve solution for you.

Our solutions are used extensively in the oil & gas sector, including: gas pipelines, cryogenic applications, petrochemical & refineries. We also have dedicated solutions for the following petrochemical applications: fluid catalytic cracking (FCC),  dehydrogenation, delayed coking, transfer line / decoking valves. 

Tank cleaning systems

High-tech cleaning solutions for your oil & gas applications.

These solutions are automated (avoid the risk of manual cleaning), fast, efficient and easy to use.


Quality ejector technology with extensive applications in chemical, pulp & paper, oil & gas, power plant, textile, water treatment and many other industries. These solutions are distinguished by high engineering competence and the capability of offering tailor-made solutions for your specific needs. 

Measuring Equipment

We know how important is measuring for critical applications, and that's why we are able to provide the right measuring solution for your oil & gas application

Diaphragm pumps

Advanced pump technology characterized by innovation and high quality materials.

The products find extensive applications from chemical, food processing and pharmaceutical to aluminum and many other industries.

Column Internals

Quality components for mass and heat transfer, with applications in chemical, petrochemical, refinery and environmental processes. The array of products includes random packing, structured packing, column internals, mass transfer trays, complete columns and turnkey units.

Gas Storage Solutions

World-leading pressure tanks and cylinder solutions with wide applications:

- Industrial gas

- Cryogenic applications

- Gas transport

- Hydrogen

Fire fighting & detection systems

- International engineering, manufacturing, project managing company with more than 30 years of international experience​.

- Tailor-made engineered solutions for oil & gas: fire/gas detection systems, water/foam package skids, firefighting & safety equipment, container / cabinet prefabrication unit, inert gas systems, CO2 systems, clean agent systems, fire trucks, water mist fire suppression systems

- Patented proprietary control panel for fire alarm & extinguishing

- Extensive quality certifications: ATEX, NFPA, UL, TÜV, IMQ, etc.

- Main production processes performed on site: welding, painting, pre-fabrication, assembly, commissioning

- Extensive references at major global oil & gas companies